Progression tails

I just picked up the p200 and p140 with 13.5 and 14.5 progression tails.

What wing to tail combos does everyone prefer? I’ve tried the p140 and p200 with the 14.5 tail and it felt really good! When do you reach for the 13.5 tail?

Also, when reach for the short fuse instead of the medium fuse?

Thanks for the wisdom! This gear is killer.

Smaller tail / fuse to loosen up larger front wing.

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200 + short fuse is pretty fun to ride. I run that combo with the 13.5 if I want more speed (200 is pretty slow), 14.5 if I want more glide/drive. I only run the medium fuse with the 140, and 13.5 if you want speed maneuverability, and 14.5 for more drive.
I also greatly prefer 0º shim with these tails, and don’t like + shims.