Prone pop-up and initial drop

The Lift 150 Surf V2 should make the pop up easier. However, if you have the Lift setups in the back of the tracks, I doubt you a are putting a lot of weight on your front foot. Once you pop up, your front knee should be over your foot and your chest over your front knee.

You should get video of yourself. Your center of gravity is probably shifted too much towards your back foot.


Looking back on my foil progression, dock starting/flat water pumping is a lot easer than pumping in the surf.

If I was starting all over again, I would’ve spent more time learning how to dock start and flat water pump, then only go for prone sessions when conditions were ideal for a beginner prone foiler.

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I need to test how I’m placing my weight forward next time I go out. I’ve seen a lot of “front foot pressure” suggestions, but I suspect my chest is still somewhat centered. Instead of front leg pressure, should I just be shifting my whole center of gravity over my front knee?

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If your board doesnt have any tail rocker, try shimming under front of mast plate so the foil isnt lifting as you paddle into the wave.

Pull your hips forward as you pop up so you dont unweight the nose.

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I’ll see if I can find some to borrow and test. Is Foilparts the only recommended provider?

Getting up on foil after I’m already up sounds easier. If I’m remembering correctly, its often happening around the same time right now.

Just watched the omen video on how this works. Is this something I’ll likely be tweaking with more experience?

You can use a Bondo spreader. Slide it under base until it hits screws, mark and cut. If this helps, then get a fancy shim. The more experience you have, the more you learn how/when to pop up, and what is causing the issues set up wise! The Omen videos (and foils) are great.

I feel like this thread got super overcomplicated regarding your gear. You probably just need to get better and keep practicing.

If it’s a gear problem, have a good foiler you know ride a few waves on your set up and they will be able to tell if something is horribly messed up with the angles as they will immediately be able to tell.

I agree. I kind of think what you’re experiencing is normal and you just need to learn how to control it

Yep. Not only in terms of wave riding but also wave selection. Crappy crumbly waves are your friend to start., Regularly breaking waves will blow you out of the water. Its crazy how much power is packed into even just a small breaking wave vs picking up some foam.
My learning cheatcode was (still is!) a Foil Drive.

Yeah, it’s definitely beyond my pay grade at this point. I think that’s because I don’t have video footage. There’s a lot of real helpful dudes doing their best off my written descriptions only. I appreciate the fact that I didn’t jus’t get: “Did you try doing it better?”, which is kinda true though.

This is a really good suggestion. It would put to rest any gear questions and remind me to just get good. My foil buddies are off island, but it’s probably the friendliest water sport. Someone might be down test my setup on a couple waves.

You have no idea. The first time out I was dropping into waist to chest high “bombs” and was getting ejected all over the place. My buddies were telling me to stop sending it, go inside, and be more afraid. Just slowing my pop-up down has been a struggle.

Saw a ton of uncles out on these the other morning. They looked like they were having a blast, no stress. One dude in the water said he was struggling for well over a year until he bit the bullet and got a foil-drive lesson and it unlocked prone for him. I’m not there yet. Gonna grind for a while.

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This is the best “how to foil” video that I’ve seen. I wish it was out a few years ago when I first started out. There a section dedicated to the prone pop up.