Recording sessions on GPS

Hi everyone!
I was wondering which app do you normally use to record your sessions with prone/DW foiling and have a full history.

I have a garmin fenix 5 and when winging I use the windsurf option from strava.

Let’s share some opinions I think would be nice to have an app where everyone would be able to register their sessions and time/distance records.

Good Q… Most of our crew uses Dawn Patrol with the Apple watch. For me it was the killer app that I switched over from Android phone ==> Another Foiling addiction story…
The apple watch w/ cell service is handy when the DW attempt turns into a character building session and you have to call for an alternate pickup location…
Wind Speed is a good one for winging…but people have noticed wacky things if you run too many GPS apps on your watch at once, the symptom is that the lines go straight and jagged.


I have been using WorkOutDoors to track my wing foil sessions. I like it but am going to check out Dawn Patrol now. Thanks for that tip!