Riding with 60 knots of wind?

Anyone have experience riding at 60 knots? I’ve amassed a bunch of days in the 50s and have been getting my kit more and more dialed in, but I’m wondering if anyone has a decent amount of experience at 60 and higher and if you’d be willing to share your experiences and kit details?

I do not.

Yeah I’ve seen that gem. That wing looked way maxed out.

What gear are you riding in the 50s and where are you getting those conditions? Is it fun?

I’ve ridden into the 40s a few times and it’s not that enjoyable. The wind is typically wildly gusty and the sea state is chaos. I’m also generally riding with the wing high in the wind window and not going very fast because I’m just so maxxed out. Downwind wave riding can be very fun but otherwise you can’t ride waves cross wind because you are taking so much windage to your body and the luffed wing. Felt like survival but maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Right now I’m riding:
2m strike v3
5’3"x22"x83l Kalama e3
Cloud IX fs850 foil, 157 stab, 76cm mast.

This is usually at Rooster Rock in the gorge.

I’m having fun but I’m trying to get it even a little more dialed in. I believe my foil is too slow to really have a blast out there so I’m looking at smaller sizes and higher aspect ratios to better the experience. The 2m strike absolutely struggles if there are lulls below 35 knots and I’m struggling to find the balance of how small of a foil can I go with, but still reliably get on foil with the 2m.

I’m hoping that foils in the 700 range with smaller stabs will help with the fun factor. I’m also considering a slightly longer board to try and assist the small wing with takeoff on small foils.

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Regarding the board, I find that longer boards are a very obvious help when the sea state is cleaner but when it’s messy and choppy on the surface (like it is when it’s blowing that hard) the long board does not help me and I’m generally better with the stability of a sinker.

My 800 sqcm foils feel maxed out well before 50 knots, so I agree that’s probably limiting you.

Just extrapolating from higher wind experiences - haven’t explored 60 knots myself.

Even East winds at Rooster and Stevenson are rarely a steady 60 though. Base winds of 35-40 with higher gusts are more typical. Getting in and out of the water with gear becomes the limiting factor, especially at super exposed Rooster :rofl: I had to slide / shimmy out of the water on my but one day last summer at Rowena in 40+, nobody bothered to come help. You really need to team up for launching and landing in that stuff.

There were half a dozen days out East last summer that had me thinking about the 2.0 Strike. Ultimately I never did it and stick with the 2.5 figuring those are the days for downwinders. Going upwind is just no fun in those conditions. Maybe putting in at Dalton pt. for the big days and DW to Rooster.

The 2m is an ultrahigh wind specialist for sure. It doesn’t have any issue going upwind in my experience, but good god, if it drops below 35 knots that thing is useless! :rofl: Even on the really big days, if you are leaning against it and ride through a lull you can practically fall over since its so small.

I love the fs850 but you should be on the 700 in that!

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I took the 700 out in it just the other day! Far superior to the 850 in those conditions. That being said, handling the gusts was a bit harder without the additional span. I’m wondering if the catalyst will help to stabilize it when that drops!?

When I tried it didn’t feel any more locked in but its faster and has much better glide that even the 157. Really free to go rail to rail. Super easy take offs offs prone. It doesn’t pull you back up out of a deep hard cutback in waves, so you have to anticipate that with more back foot pressure. Its a really cool tail. Going back to my regular 177 tail I could feel drag I never had noticed or worried about.

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rode in 40’s quite a bit recently, problem is that the wind is often quite gusty once you go above the 30’s most places (range 25-45knot gusts etc) so your 2 or 2.5m wing goes from a unpumpable sac to a super powered weapon in the blink of an eye…still worth it though!


Sounds like you’re sold on it then?

@Rad_Duke that’s the truth here too!

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Yeah I’m getting it as soon as it’s available. I don’t think it will be for every condition, but the speed and glide and pumping, it’s an unlock for sure. DW? Shore runners?

I got off the DW train, just wasn’t feeling the logistics and planning of car shuttles. I go upwind at extreme angles and flag out/dw surf back down the river most days and am happy with that. Would love to learn to prone though, that’s on my list this winter. I’m hoping the catalyst is fun with the 550 and 700. I’ll be interested to see if it glides the 550 any better or if the stall speed still feels less than desirable for me. I’m even considering getting a second to chop and use in different scenarios.