Floating dock, Ladder starts?

Who here has tried the floating docks? Inflatable gymnastic mats. I know someone must’ve. I keep wanting to try beach starting, but all of our beaches are just gravel and cobblestones at the drop off right now. It’s starting to drive me crazy.


I’ve tried an old super classic windsurf board and it worked fine, probably the cheapest you can do. Just need someone to brace against it.

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So just a huge barge of a board? Have a buddy hold it still for you and you jump off it? Intriguing.

Yeah this is one of those huge old school ones. We had to get creative to make it work and it wasn’t really worth the effort here as the water was too deep to stand and swell too fast, but I think if you could stand to brace it it would be pretty easy.

(this was 2021 when I was trying to dockstart and couldn’t pump :smiley: )

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Nice teamwork! I’ve used a sup against the end of a dock that didn’t work well by itself, was tricky though. Maybe some sort of plywood sea anchor could hold the dock in place?

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