Slingshot ptm 926 for prone?

Hello everyone!
I have a sabfoil kraken 83 and i am looking for the perfect prone wing when the waves are knee high for my 62 kg.
I have tried the 799, the 940 and the w1000… but i am still not convinced by these wings.
I had before the go foil rs1150 and that was perfect : high manoeuvrability, easy pumping, early lift.

The 799 is good, manoeuvrable, fly early but quite exhausting at pump and a bit slow
The 940 is manoeuvrable, quicker than 799 but not as easy to pump and need more speed to fly
The w1000 is just too much span to surf correctly

I was thinking of buying the slingshot ptm 926 because the design is really close to the fone phantom 1280 wich is perfect in small surf (manoeuvrable, easy to pump, fast) and it is compatible with the sabfoil “long chord” fuselage.

If somebody has tried it pronefoiling i would be happy to hear about!

thanks a lot!