F-One Foils for Prone

Wondering if anyone here is on F-One foils for prone. I learned to wing on a Gravity and now use a 1480 Phantom and Seven Seas 1200. I feel like I mainly see folks prone with Armstrong, Lift, Axis, etc. so curious if anyone here is on F-One and what setup they typically use for prone.

I’ve used Gravity(1800), Phantom(1480,1280,1080) and Seven Seas(1200) for prone so far.

I’m still trying to test the SS 1000 and Eagle 990 for prone along with the XXXS fuse length and C200 carving stabilizer on various setups.

I’ve used all of them for wingfoiling but really want to try the Phantom S 940 for prone but I think I’ll need at least waist high waves.

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I’m curious what you think about the eagle 990 vs 1200 when you can try it.

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Nice - It seems that Phantom S would be a good middle ground for prone on F One range. I’m planning on learning with the 1480 and hopefully moving to the Seven Seas 1200 when I figure it out. Also curious what you think about the Eagle so far. Almost went for that instead of the Seven Seas for winging but decided to hold off.

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Good choice for learning prone, the P1480 has about the same amount of lift as the G1800 but it’s faster and pumps better.

The Eagle is great for winging, probably one of my favorite foils for wingfoiling using the E890/XXXS/C200 combination. Very fast, maneuverable and tons of glide. I prefer the Eagle for freeride wingfoiling or bigger, faster moving swells. The Eagle is harder to takeoff with and needs to be ridden faster than the Seven Seas while being more technical to pump.

I would choose the Seven Seas over the Eagle for lighter winds, smaller to medium waves, and slower moving wind swells .

I would highly recommend the C200 carving stabilizer for wingfoiling with both the SS and Eagle.


Good to know about the C200. Heading to Oahu next week and will be bringing the P1480 to try and figure out prone and 1200 Seven Seas to wing. Are you prone foiling at the moment or only winging?

Ideally, I’d use the Seven Seas as a light wind foil and get a smaller eagle or maybe a Phantom S for strong wind or bigger swell.

Yes I’ve been prone foiling for a while now. That’s what this thread was originally about but I get sidetracked into wingfoiling easily, ha ha.

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Is the 890 the only Eagle you have? I was leaning towards the 1090 but tempted to get a smaller one given I have the 1200 SS already.

I have a E990 also that I’m considering selling if interested.

Also interested in learning more about the F-One range for surf foiling - currently have a loan of some different wings and trying to pick out the best quiver. Given the wave period is reasonably high in Western Australia I’m thinking the Eagle 890 / 990 is worth trying, given the reports on their speed. But also planning to try the 7 Seas 1000 and 1200 this week.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts Brad, who’s stocking these in Perth atm? I’m up in Gero and wouldn’t mind demoing a couple.

I’ve got loaner gear from Winging WA. They’ve got a couple sizes of each.

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Have spent the last two weeks surfing and downwinding all of the Eagles and Seven Seas sizes and ended up picking up a 890 Eagle and thinking about a Seven Seas 1400 also.

For my weight at 83kg the 790 Eagle and Seven Seas 1000 rode waves really well. In West Aus the waves have a high period, so the speed of the Eagle was appreciated. For medium or low period waves the Seven Seas would probably have taken the win.

Because pumping is essential at our spots going up one size to the 890 Eagle / Seven Seas 1200 means that pumping requires less cardio output and finesse. The 790 requires quite a technical pump which I found difficult to pull off in turbulent water consistently. Plus for sunrise solo sessions making life a touch easier is always appreciated.

The Eagle 890 is such a good all rounder foil if you’re looking to carve waves and pump far, and do it all very fast. The Seven Seas is much the same, but the speed range shifts down in the low end and top end, and you get this insanely easy to use feel buttery type roll and stability.

I am going to also pick up a Eagle 990 for downwind SUP, as that will cover almost every day for the conditions we get in Perth during summer.

As for one foil to do everything, the Seven Seas could cover you for everything. I have been dock starting it, surfing and downwinding on it. Below is a little clip where it became a total session saver in small waves.

YouTube Link:


I’m winging with the Eagle 890 and Seven Seas 1200 and both are so good. I can’t pump at all though which is definitely frustrating as I’m trying to start connecting open ocean wind swell. Seems hard to do without being able to pump here and there. Did you find changing the rear stab on either of these wings to help at all with pump ability?

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Good video clip Brad!

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Waiting on a C200 to arrive, so currently switching between the C195 and C250. Also tried the 210 DW but didn’t like how it turned or handled low speeds. The C195 went best with all of the foils both in the surf and downwinding.

As far as pumping goes specifically, the C195 pumped well. Good efficiency, bottom end and lift when applying pressure to your back foot.

Question - what is the bottom end like on the Phantom foils vs Seven Seas? How do these foils differ?

Specifically interested in dock starting the Phantom 1480. Have only tried the Seven Seas 1400 for that.


thought i would chime in here. I just picked up the eagle 890 and c195 tail on the xxxs fuse. Most of my experience prone foiling has been on the armstrong 925, so here is a brief comparison, from my limited time on the foil today

vs the armstrong the eagle seems more efficient, glides better, turns better, way easier to recover from a breach as well. as far as pumping goes, it seems to require way less energy to pump. The only complaint is that its a little slower, but i rode the armstrong with the HA tail so maybe not the fairest comparison.

In the end it really made me wonder why i rode the armstrong for so long… haha


Anyone have any time on the SK8? And any comparison vs Eagle? Still enjoying the eagle, it definitely rips! But very curious about the SK8…

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My 2c -

Been on the 690 eagle and 750 sk8 for the past couple of weeks for prone.

The 690 is absolutely mental. Such an unreal wing. Feels like everything I love about the lift 90 but smoother in every way, maybe a bit faster, and better pump. Just blown away.

The 750 sk8 is also rad. Surfs really well, turns hard, a bit lower stall speed, and decent pump…but not nearly as fast or as overall exciting as the 690. Has a place and will get plenty of use, but going to try and make the 690 work whenever possible.

Both setups mostly on the 160 carve monoblock tail. Curious to try longer fuse/tail combos.

I see this quiver expanding…really good feels from these wings.


Solid info. Would really like to try the sk8 for sure, and the monobloc tail with the eagle. I bet that’s a sick combo.