F-One Foils for Prone

Wondering if anyone here is on F-One foils for prone. I learned to wing on a Gravity and now use a 1480 Phantom and Seven Seas 1200. I feel like I mainly see folks prone with Armstrong, Lift, Axis, etc. so curious if anyone here is on F-One and what setup they typically use for prone.

I’ve used Gravity(1800), Phantom(1480,1280,1080) and Seven Seas(1200) for prone so far.

I’m still trying to test the SS 1000 and Eagle 990 for prone along with the XXXS fuse length and C200 carving stabilizer on various setups.

I’ve used all of them for wingfoiling but really want to try the Phantom S 940 for prone but I think I’ll need at least waist high waves.

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I’m curious what you think about the eagle 990 vs 1200 when you can try it.

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Nice - It seems that Phantom S would be a good middle ground for prone on F One range. I’m planning on learning with the 1480 and hopefully moving to the Seven Seas 1200 when I figure it out. Also curious what you think about the Eagle so far. Almost went for that instead of the Seven Seas for winging but decided to hold off.

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Good choice for learning prone, the P1480 has about the same amount of lift as the G1800 but it’s faster and pumps better.

The Eagle is great for winging, probably one of my favorite foils for wingfoiling using the E890/XXXS/C200 combination. Very fast, maneuverable and tons of glide. I prefer the Eagle for freeride wingfoiling or bigger, faster moving swells. The Eagle is harder to takeoff with and needs to be ridden faster than the Seven Seas while being more technical to pump.

I would choose the Seven Seas over the Eagle for lighter winds, smaller to medium waves, and slower moving wind swells .

I would highly recommend the C200 carving stabilizer for wingfoiling with both the SS and Eagle.


Good to know about the C200. Heading to Oahu next week and will be bringing the P1480 to try and figure out prone and 1200 Seven Seas to wing. Are you prone foiling at the moment or only winging?

Ideally, I’d use the Seven Seas as a light wind foil and get a smaller eagle or maybe a Phantom S for strong wind or bigger swell.

Yes I’ve been prone foiling for a while now. That’s what this thread was originally about but I get sidetracked into wingfoiling easily, ha ha.

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Is the 890 the only Eagle you have? I was leaning towards the 1090 but tempted to get a smaller one given I have the 1200 SS already.

I have a E990 also that I’m considering selling if interested.