Strapless Airs with the Wing

Anyone out there doing strapless airs with a wing? See kiters do strapless airs all the time but you usually see wingers doing airs strapped.

I’ve tried them. There’s a lot of mass. Obviously, it’s possible. But is it worth it is the question?

Here’s what straps allow. Kaden Pritchard on Instagram: "🌊 🎥 @dafoilmonsta @gofoil @bernhelmets @gaastrawingfoiling @flavorwaves_ @oneillusa @dakine_wind #viral #fyp #reels #foiling #maui"

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Yes, they’re possible and useful to get rid of weed on the mast/foil. Compared to kiting, you can’t use the wind to pin the board to your feet or grab with a free hand as effectively so probably limited to low altitude hops.

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