Takoon X-Glide V2, experiences & reviews

Hi all,
I am curious if anyone here has an opinion on the latest generation of Takoon foils.

I am mainly interested in prone and wing and currently I am using a Gong foil. I am not unhappy with my setup but Takoon looks a bit more advanced to me and I would love to try a new brand that does not break the bank.
So would be super interesting for me to read your opinions on these foils.


Bump for this thread!

Since April I’ve been riding the xs940 and xv2 1450 with the old s450 stab, ways with a 1degree shim. I weigh 89kg and am a decent level winger. Still at the beginner stage of proning, so can’t comment on that.

The xv2 is a true freeride wing foil. Good low end, fair speed, carve, pump, glide,… What is most noticeable is how low the stall speed is. Feels like close to 0. Makes gybes and tacks as easy as possible.

The xs is like the xv2 on steriods, a true freestyle-wave gem. Faster, carvier, superb pump and more glide. As soon as there are 15 knots gusts, I rig this foil on a short and wide board with a 6m. Super playful yet accessible.

Noe Cantaloube, takoon rider, uses the xv2 for prone and downwind, so it should be decent for those purposes too.

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