Takuma Kujira 750

Does anyone have any feedback on the Takuma Kujira 750 for winging. I use the 980 for wave riding. It works great and turns amazing, but when the waves are bigger and faster it can start to have to much lift. I weight 155 l.b.s


the 750 is by far my favourite kujira wing but iv eonly used it towing. its quite sensitive to tuning but once you get it right, its easily the best feeling foil ive ever been on. also i cut the tips off and it got noticibly better.

Thank you for you input.
Which tail do you ride the 750 with?

The 750 works great for Winging … several guys here in the Gorge love it, most with 158 tail.

158 but used it with the 178 for quite a while befor ei got the 158.