Tuning a Kujira 1440 for prone surfing?

So I just got a 1440 off of @BurglersMT. I mostly got it to learn to wing on, but I was surprised how well it already turned in small surf, even with the huge 220 tail. I was wondering how people were tuning that wing for surf. I know I saw a video of someone (I think it was @mikepedigo) ripping pretty hard on a 1440.


i like it with the 178 tail with half degree shim for less lift. it has its limitations but if you take it out when its under chest high its pretty fun to prone.

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also like it with pedigos fuse shortening tail with 1 degree shim for less lift

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Cool, have you cut off the wingtips of your 1440?

yes mate wingtips gone off all my kujira wings after a kiss on the arse from the 980. not completely to flat, have left about half to 1cm but they are as blunt as anything. surprisingly the only one that felt any different was the 750 and oh my god it is good without the wing tips. unbloodybelievable. i have heard the 1095 behaves differently but i havent really ridden it enough since i got rid of the tips to make a comment

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Been thinking of getting a 1440 to use to learn to DW, besides DW what else is fun to do with the 1440 please?..I have 980 / 1210 & had a 1095 (73kg).

I’m 103 kg and liking it for proning small surf. At your size I’d probably be just as happy on the 1210. Right now I’m doing 1440 when its small and 1095 when its big.

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If anyone wants a 1440 I’d be willing to sell mine. It’s in very good condition as I don’t find myself using it often. Great wing for low power conditions. Send a note.

Update - SOLD

Anyone selling a 1440 at a fair price in Florida?