Trade Axis 1099 setup for 1150 setup?

I’m considering seeing if someone wants to trade my perfect condition axis 1099, advanced crazyshort, & 325p for a dock start setup? Specifically the 1150png, red short fuse & 460 tail. Thanks :call_me_hand:t3:

Located in central Florida

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i have spent alot of time pumping the 1150 and 1300. I guarantee you will like the 1300 alot more. The 1150 feels like a beginner version of the 1300, where you have an anchor attached thats slowing you down in every way. Sure you will need a bit more speed to fly the 1300, but once your on it, it will feel like the 1150, but all the shackles gone. The 1300 and 1201 are the best wings of axis

Meow, do you think there is too much crossover to owning both the 1201 and 1300?

For what discipline? flatwater pump duration a couple minutes the 1300 is perfect. 1201 is the same feeling but faster, if you can do 2 minutes on the 1300, you may be able to do only a 1-1.5min on the 1201, but you’d cover more ground in that minute as the 1201 is more efficient at higher speeds. To practice pumping for prone foil, then you will need the 1201 as its more similar in size to prone foils.


I’m fairly new to dock start and have tried a 1300 and own a 1201. I am light though at 70kg.

For me the 1300 is significant easier to launch, I can even dead start it from the dock where the 1201 needs a good run and even then I’m not always getting it.

Also for sup paddle up in flat water (sup is also fairly new to me), I’m able to get lifted consistently on the 1300 and often pump out, for the 1201 I can sometimes get lifted but never have pumped out, very tiring. For paddling onto swell the 1201 feels good though.

If winging i don’t see much a need for the 1300, 1201 lifts plenty early for me.

Summing up, I agree with the other poster. Look to go 1300 for range of use and way easier than 1099.

As to owning both 1300 and 1201 I would say yes. 1201 for good docks 1300 for harder launches. Though if only one for a beginner definitely 1300 over 1201 unless you are very light and have some buddies you can borrow a big wing to learn.

There is word of another bigger and efficient black fuse wing, I’m interested in that myself and if not likely will pick up a used 1300