Uni Pinion Wing Opinions?

Sorry in advance for breaking outside of the Prone/DW + foil hardware box a bit. Was wondering if anyone has any experience on the Pinion wings from Uni. They have a really good sale going on right now and I’m super tempted to pull the trigger. I’m currently on a first gen duotone echo which some friends at the beach have described as a “death trap”. Hoping something more modern will help me out as the echo backwinds like crazy and is pretty ruthless sometimes. Maybe like the wing version of an early c-kite.

Anyone on the pinion currently? Thoughts? Any idea why they are selling so cheap? The price tag almost makes more worried but I’m all for a good deal.

Thanks for any advice!

am biased here …

i have had the opportunity to ride quite a number of wings and a few death traps ( hard forward pitching going upwind pushing you off the board) the uni wing doesnt do this but handles upwind very well
the big 6m wing is very grunty at low end and has tons of pull for a 100kg foiler in medium wind
all the wings have strong low end grunt but luff very well and dont have that tendency to want to fly upside down at any given chance
what weight are you and which size you looking at ?

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While I haven’t tried one, I did have a session yesterday with @ChiliG and he was riding the 5m Pinion. Upwind angles looked good and it seemed to flag pretty well once on the wave but I’ll let him give you the lowdown.

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Wingman on Youtube did a review and spoke pretty positively about it.

I also considered picking one of these up at the sale price to fill a gap at 3m, but you can get a Mantis v2 or Takoon v2 at a similar price and I have firsthand experience with both of those wings - and they are great.

There’s the wingman review. I ride with him a lot. I haven’t ridden the Pinion though. I’m afraid to break other people’s gear. He likes them and chooses to ride that 5.0 quite a lot of the time. It’s in his downwind video too if you want to see more footage.

It’s a good solid choice. The sale as I understand it is, the wings weren’t selling, so they’ve decided to close out price all of them. Not sure if they’re going to make anymore or not.

Thanks for the replies guys! I’m 175lbs (about 80kg). Typical wind where I ride most of the time is around 15-20 mph. I’m almost always riding my 6m echo but love the rare opportunity to ride my 4m in 25ish mph of breeze.

The echo back winds hard and wants to push you off the board if it’s breezy and you point to high. The transition from pull to push happens suddenly.

From the replies so far it sounds like a decent wing. I was hoping to get a 5m but am worried I’ll get it and wish I went with a 6. I’m usually riding a 80ish L slow board and will soon be on the progression 170 when it arrives!

Anyone else have any experience with the pinion?

I have a 5M and it appears to be well made, and rides well though the windows are not well well placed IMHO. I like the three soft handles, especially the middle one for quick grab when getting going.

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at your weight and windspeed i would go for the 5m , the 6m is quite a beast and great for heavier riders in lighter winds , you will be overpowered with the 6m and your arms will be happy you went with the 5m

in fact you could even get away with the 4.2m depending on your skills

i always try use the smallest wind-wing i can get away with … and at them prices i would get both :wink:

5m 2022 duotone Units are on sale too, not as cheap as Pinions but they are very good wings and have nice hard handles. That’s what I would get if on a budget


Iv been loving my 5m pinion. Performance wise I have no complaints, it rides well and feels balanced. Works great with a harness. Stitching placement under the handles caused my knuckles some damage but that’s ok. Id say price is fair as the trailing edge seems to be bagging a little bit after about 5 sessions.