Uni Progression 140

Unifoil Progression 140, condition is 9/10.
Some minor scuff marks on right side of wing. Can send some close up pics/video upon request. $700 + shipping, DM if interested.

Price reduction; $650
WIng is in great condition.
Selling because I’m mostly winging and digging the Pro 125 for 20+wind.
If conditions for my prone spot were more beginner friendly, would hold onto it!

I’m interested. I’ll send you a DM

I’ll give you triple what @frozenfoiler offers you. That dude does not need a cheat code foil, he should be on a Slingshot Infinity 99. I don’t intend to use it, just want to keep it out of his filthy hands.


no offers yet so it’s up for grabs.
Are you in Maine also?

Interested in the 140. How does it compare to the Armstrong 925? DM me

Hey! I moved from armie 925 to PP170 then to the PP140. I found the 170 slightly too big (I am 160 lbs). I love the 140. While I liked the 925, I find that the 140 surfs and pumps better. The 925 would often just drop out of the sky when pumping back out. Certainly user error was probably somewhat to blame, but the 140 just does not seem to do that.

Awesome :+1: thanks. I picked up a uni setup because I’ve heard lower stall speeds without sacrificing speed and carving.

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Is this still forsale?

Sold the P140. If interested I have a P125, short 2 bolts fuse and a Vyper 150 and medium 1 bolt fuse?

Could be interested in the P125. Where are you located?

I’m looking for a P125, can you send some pictures and a price?

I’m in Central Cali, however I’m currently in La Ventana Mexico for another month. Can send pics so provide phone #number via direct message

125 didn’t work for you? Care to share?

Still have the 125 for sale?

All has been sold

I have a 125 I will probably sell if you’re looking

Could you DM pictures and price?