Unifoil Hyper2 pics

The new website has an odd review under the Vyper’s Riders Notes section, mentioning “Ultra 140” and “Project E wing”. Confused on whether this is the new Progression 140 or another (Ultra) HA wing?

This new Progression foil looks sick !!

Its hard to tell from the photos, what are the differences between the H2 and the Progression? They look very similar, with the progression having a bit more curvature maybe?

Also, can anyone speak to the difference between the carbon uni mast and the katana mast feel?

My buddy out here says the Unifoil carbon mast is good. The Katana mast is super stiff. He’s very sensitive to mast flex and weighs 195 or so. Good tester.

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Dimensions are posted and they are similar but different. It looks like the progression has much more tapered tips. The secret sauce is the section though. I’m very curious to hear the differences in ride characteristics between them.

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Progression wings look great. I know they spent a fair amount of time developing the 170. Did they take the same time and energy for the 140, is it as accomplished than his big brother?

Hi James from Uni wind division. You are right the Hyper2 is the go to most winging conditions, especially riding bumps and gliding. For stronger winds and heavier conditions the Vyper is unmatched. For my size and weight (6’1" and 95kg) I like the 130 Vyper and 170 Hyper 2 combo.

I’ve been riding (wingfoil) the 170 Hyper2 on San Francisco bay for a couple of weeks and lovin’ it! Previously Armstrong 925. Hyper glides further, more forgiving and just overall feels great. Definitely more of the “surf” feel I’d hoped for. Haven’t had it in real waves but did get some chest high rollers through Fort Point last week and had a blast.

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James from Unifoil here: both the Hyper 2 and Progression work well for winging but have quite different feels. H2 is much faster, still turns great but not as tight as the Progression which also has much lower stall speed. For waves and freestyle I prefer the progression, for sheer speed and riding bumps the H2.

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