Want my motorized board to navigate autonomously to me

I plan to have a large board (Mother Ship) which will help me get up on foil with my tiny foil board. Mother Ship will be set up with a Foil Drive Assist Plus (FDAP) to power it around like a regular motorboat. I can easily equip the Mother Ship with a rudder and servo for steering. Typically, I will get up on foil and let go of Mother Ship’s hand controller, the hand controller will stay with Mother Ship. I will ride a wave, or ride downwind, on my tiny foil board and soon be far away from Mother Ship. I want Mother Ship to navigate at a set slow speed, probably 30% throttle, toward me as soon as I am a few meters away from her. I don’t mind her taking some time to get to me,Waiting will be my punishment for falling, I don’t want her speeding around and wasting precious battery energy. I understand I will need to have a GPS tracker (I’m guessing mine might be an Apple Watch) and Mother Ship would have a GPS tracker. I would like to be able to see the location of Mother Ship on my watch with speed and distance as well. I’m hoping to get a list of all the components I’ll need including the rudder servo and learn how to integrate them with Mother Ships’s FDAP and the rudder. Thanks very much to anyone who contributes. Cheers.

You’ll definitely better luck on the foil zone forum https://foil.zone/