What would you ride right now?

So many choices…

If money was not a factor, what setup would you go with right now?

Hoping someone who’s done a solid sample of current gear from a prone/DW perspective can weigh in (f-one, uni, lift, cab, ugh…maybe that’s it)…

Tell me your thoughts!

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Money is a factor though. So best deal in foiling is. M800 — ONOFOIL

If you want to surf foil and wing. Unifoil Progression 140.

If you want to wait until the next AXIS release, they seem to have good stuff coming.

Code foils is coming in June. I’d go for that.

Omen foils has been on the horizon for awhile. When they drop and money is no object, I’d get that.

(I ride ONO now and sold my lift gear)


How’s the Ono 800 for winging?

I would add Inde to the list in the code and omen category. Their first generation has some kinks but turns / breaches / rides turbulence/ glides as good as anything out there. I think they are in development for new stuff and if they can improve the pump it could be incredible.

For me it depends on level and conditions (ocean power).

You want low end power grunt to start that downwind reliably or are you efficient enough and have a well powered spot at home that can better prioritize high end performance (and you’re efficient enough to extract that juice?).

So… My choice would be a good set of CLOUD IX with the 700 - 1000 and 1780 :rofl: for surf and Low end grunt with great carving abilities

And another set for downwinding with AFS new PURE series coming for high speed glide and control :drooling_face:

It’s a more stable lift 120, with better glide for normal sized people. I weight 170 lbs and feel like I can stay up on it longer. The mast has a wider chord, but is also quite stiff. I haven’t made the mast ventilate yet. Mainly wing these days. Throw in a prone session when the conditions warrant.

Good thoughts!

I absolutely don’t need anything right now…lift gear is still serving me well, 120 is the daily driver, 90 when it gets a bit more solid. I’m just getting a bit curious for different feels and it’s hard to ignore that itch.

Code had been high on my list. Just not sure I’ll be that patient

Cool to see some other gear in the conversation.