Wing + Surf Skate = Good Times and Good Practice

As the cold sets in here in Idaho, I passed on getting on the water, and finally took a small wing out with my Carver surf skate to a big parking lot nearby…While it is not foiling, it was a pretty kick ass time, and I logged way more jibes and tacks then I’ve ever come close to on a foil (which isn’t saying much at this point)…and also helped with getting a finer sense of how to generate board speed.

Highly recommended…


It really is super fun. Where I’m at, I haven’t yet found a parking lot with both enough open space and decent undisturbed wind. So many parking lots have islands and concrete parking stops, and the ones that don’t are right next to tall buildings that kill the wind. But even so I’m making it work and it has been great for wing handling and feeling the flow of tacks and jibes.

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