2nd hand mfc 1250 or 1075 front wing

Anyone have 2nd hand 1250 or 1075 MFC front wing for sale?
I’m in Sweden :sweden:

Might be worth buying direct even with shipping as they seem to be having a fire sale on them at the moment.

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I have both 1075 and 1250 available, not much used. 1075 is 522 euro, 1250 is 542 euro. DPD shipping (from Estonia to Sweden) included in the price.

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I have the 1400 and 1600 and usually I’m on axis but for winging I think the mfc is fun!
I’m 95 kilos. To match my 1400/1600, you believe in the 1075 or 1250 for me?


Yes these are fun for winging. I am quite a bit lighter (72 kg) and don’t have any other clips with the Hydros than this one (1250, first half of the clip, quite light wind, the other guy who has the same weight as me is with a 6.0 wing).

I had a 1600 too for a while but that felt crazy big for me. In really good waves I would perhaps suggest a 1075, and in more irregular ones the 1250. On flat water the 1250 was good for me in some pretty windy conditions too, with a smaller wing.

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