AFS Ultra - Whale style Downwinder

AR : 14

From what I Heard, 2 additional size should be released and dedicated super small tails.

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Exciting! Crazy seeing where it’s all headed!

Only one other size currently contemplated, 950


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looks amazing, ar 14, best construction… how does the stall speed compare to code r though? code r 770 stall speed is similar to the 850-980S, so very low compared to the number.

if the stall speed of the afs ultra 750 is like the silk 850-1050 then it would be pretty cool for prone. but id be worried it is like between the silk 650 - 850 as the 750 name suggests.

I saw a 950 prototype, but I heard it might be reduced down to 900.
I also heard about a smaller size, like 650 ; but later.

I’ll probably get myself a 900 + 75 UHM for light conditions where I want to focus on efficiency.
I’m on Lift when conditions are on.

I’ll never get why people would go with such high AR for surfing.
You want 102 wide ?

I use AR 8 wings for surfing (Silk at the moment) and 10 when I want additional glide (Lift 120HA, 150HAX). I would not go with these high AR wings because you need <700cm² to turn.


I’m with you on this one.

Although - I used to surf foil the 800HA (13AR) and I gotta say it does have it’s appeal since you gain so much more speed - glide & pumping and still can crank some nice turns, yeah, they are more open and draw different lines, nothing compared to the SILK (which is what I’m riding now for surfing 850 and 650), but still fun and has it’s place in some kind of waves that are just long soft rollers. For chest and over high waves, definetly the go to it’s the 650 SILK no questions asked!
As the quantity of foils I can get it’s limited, I’m considering selling my 850 SILK to replace it for the 750 ULTRA since Downwinding in proper conditions for me has it’s priority, and prone foiling in medium to smaller conditions can get it done and pay the price on the turnings with the 750 (hopefully, based on the 800HA experience) - maybe pairing it with a Silk HA38 stab (it’s my understanding that an ULTRA Stab will be released too with full DW focus).
All this having in consideration I alreday have the 650 SILK which I can surf foil whenever there’s the slight enough power - and the 1100HA it’s the mini tiny rollers super glider and DW in small conditions!

So I get both @Kezia and @Meow points!
BTW, I can only suppose the 750 will be more likely to feel like the 850 in the stall speed due to the 102cm span. maybe?

Definetly so much math and equations involved in the decision processes :sweat_smile:

The section plays such an important role along side span with respect to low end, so we just won’t really know where they put the cursor until some ride reports and comparisons start trickling in. I am keenly following as I’ve always thought the killer application for tubercles was improving the low end characteristics on a really high aspect, thin section foil.

The main target of the ULTRA as I’ve been told - it’s too obtain the best performance with average speed as top perfomance indicator - this translate for me, in that it must be an outstanding glider that mantains speed at low end (if that even makes sense) and keeping the top speed for longer -