F-One Eagle thread

Nabbed a F-One Eagle 990 plane: XXS fuse, 210DW stab and loving it after just a couple sessions. Tons of speed and glide, pump is great but make a mistake going slow and it’s over!

Would like to hear others experience on Eagle foils.

Have the 890- great wing, tons of speed and glide, easy to pump. I thought it was pretty forgiving at slower speeds considering.

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The Eagle wings are my go to for prone surf and downwind, and SUP downwind. So far have many sessions on all sizes 790 through 1290. I have found that for how fast and agile they are the low end is very user friendly.

It’s worth trying different tails. The 210DW in my opinion has a ill-behaved low end - unpredictable in yaw, and easy to stall the tail. For the biggest improvement in ease of use try the 250 and 200. Or to get lots of low end in a small tail the 195.

What discipline are you using the 990 for? That size is unreal for SUP dw.

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Any comparison to sk8

I’m prone surf foiling, hopefully get into DW. Thanks for the stab tip, I’m gonna try and get the 195

Just moved my mast forward after trading kits with a buddy who has an 850 sk8. He’s about 30lbs lighter and moved my mast an inch forward. I figured I’d try it after trading back, thinking it would just have me breach on the takeoff. It didn’t (!) and I had one of my furthest pumps out the back to double dip.

As for the sk8…wow that wing is fast and turns on a dime!!

I have the sk8 850 as well as the eagle 890. The eagle is faster and has better glide, pumps a bit easier. I think the sk8 turns better for sure, and in waves with more power you can lay it down. Will be trying the 890 with the sk8 180 tail, i think that will be a fun combo.

I dont think its much harder to pump the sk8 and its faster than expected.

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I’ve been riding the eagle the past few months. I was riding the takuma kujira before that

  • eagle 1090 for sup DW is similar to the kujira 1095. I find the take off a little bit harder it needs more speed. As turny as the kujira but the pump is so much better if you know how to stay high. I do not find the eagle much faster than the kujira

  • eagle 790 for the wing is amazing. Easy to take off and amazing speed. I tried to tow in waves with it and it is really stable and fast. For prone it is hard to pump back out.

I ride with 2 different tails : DW210 cut at 14inch and a KD marlin 14. I want to test an other tail wing with better low end for downwind and prone like the new monobloc carve.


Picked up the 1090 for DW with the 210 tail… I feel like there may be better options for a tail out there. What else are people using for DW tails?

@mthias how did you chop the DW210?

The carve 160 mono keeps the bigger wings a bit more nimble and is a super minor hit to glide…

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What sizes would you use for prone foiling? Whats your weight?

I have the eagle 790 and sk8 850. The sk8 has less glide, less top end, pumping is not nearly as good, but extremely good in the waves, it offers the most control I have felt to date in carves, going through chops/breaching/foam amazingly well. So I would advise sk8 when you have a towing device, winging, current, etc.
Eagle fits better proning as you gain a bit of glide and loose a bit of turning ease. The 790 works best for me in clean powerful surf hip to head high. I am thinking about the eagle 990 for ankle to hip high, anyone has advice on eagle sizing? (i’m 80kg)
Tails I have the kd13r on xshort fuse, feels great all around, and c200 chopped to 11" on short fuse, feels amazingly easy to roll but I am suspecting a loss of glide, more testing required…

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