New Naish HA Foils

Who has experience with these foils?

I can’t speak to the new line, but the previous generation in large sizes are great for light wind winging. Low enough stall speed to get going, while not having to crawl around at low speeds like you would winging with a pumpfoil.

The HA1440 is brilliant for light wind, I generally dislike larger foil wings but this one has changed my mind. It’s easy to gybe and tack, reasonably quick and an excellent pumper.

At 80kgs, on a 74lts board, 5mtr wing I’m going in 9knots.

How does it handle chop and rip a wave the spans seem really wide, but I am willing to try something new

Its handles chop fine, I’ll often go out on a 3 mtr wing when others are on 4 and 5mts wings, head upwind and swell ride back downwind.

But it doesn’t “rip” in waves, more of a mellow swell rider or get you going in stupid light wind using a regular board. I use a Mach 1 900 for ripping.