Ffb halcyon foil

Does enyone have feedback on FFB HALCYON?

I got a chance to do some towing on the 810, I have nothing but good things to say. If it’s not siblings with the lift 120, then it’s the cool cousin that did a semester abroad. It was fast and smooth with a pretty linear pitch control (I’d say it edges out the 120 on that front). Glide was fairly similar, roll and breach recovery was better. It seemed like the whole system was very low drag.

The 810 and the 120 are both pies, ones apple ones peach. Everyone will have their own preference between the subtleties of the two but the Halcyon is probably objectively better (newer) tech.


Thanks for the reply. Did the mast stiffnes felt optimal?

Yeah I thought it was really good but you’re also not really flexing the mast with a wing that small compared to say a 170 sq/in.

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