Hitting white water

I’ve been riding the lift ha90 for a bit now. It goes through white water differently than any other foil I’ve ridden. I really like how the lift 150surfv2 goes through white water. So that’s my main comparison here.

I’ve heard @KDW mention that he likes a certain size for white water hits. I think I’ve started to understand what that means now that I’m on a tiny wing.

It’s almost like the white water doesn’t matter. There’s no push back, or bucking bronco motion from the white water instability. I have to just imagine I’m not going through white water and do the rebound like I’m on open face almost.

I do greatly prefer it to a larger size foil, which I won’t go near white water on. :slight_smile:

How does it compare to hitting white water with the 120?

Way better. The 120 I’m very tentative to approach hitting the white water since it can kickflip due to the wide wing span. The ha90 is much more controllable.

Yea that wider wingspan I definitely feel compare to the 150 when hitting the whitewater but I choose the 120 as my daily driver bc I love to be able to pump and connect waves. Sounds like I have to try that 90

ha90 is very comparable to the 150surfv2, just has that high aspect feel. So you can pump further, and cover more ground, for the same energy. The time up on foil is about the same between the 2 wings.

ha120 you can stay up on foil longer.

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