Lift 110 HAX downwind review

what mast brand and height you using if i may ask?
Also what is your weight and board specs/volume for reference :slight_smile:

we will also need all your elementary school report cards and 3 work references to make this complete


Hahaha. Kula Elementary! :sunglasses:

I use the 28inch mast. When I was on Axis I was running even shorter. Short masts are faster in downwind. Easier to lift and faster to run in most conditions. The only reason why I say β€œmost” is because if you breach and fall, they are not faster. If you can manage that, go short. Makes you make better decisions and much less drag.

Kalama Performance Barracuda. This one is custom, 8’x19”. Very close to the production 7’8”. I weigh 165lbs. Dave has a lot more going on than just long and skinny. Go with the original if you can.

Did you go custom to retain the 19" width at 8’ on your Barracuda? Any thoughts or recommendations between the 7’10 and 7’8 stock Barracudas for someone new to downwinding? Thanks!

My board is over a year old and yes it’s custom and around 105L. I would not worry about the width, focus on the volume you want. They are not as tippy as you think. I have a new one that is narrower still and feels great. I’ve only tried the 7’8” production Cuda and it felt great. I’m 165lbs.

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