Lift 110 HAX downwind review

what mast brand and height you using if i may ask?
Also what is your weight and board specs/volume for reference :slight_smile:

we will also need all your elementary school report cards and 3 work references to make this complete


Hahaha. Kula Elementary! :sunglasses:

I use the 28inch mast. When I was on Axis I was running even shorter. Short masts are faster in downwind. Easier to lift and faster to run in most conditions. The only reason why I say “most” is because if you breach and fall, they are not faster. If you can manage that, go short. Makes you make better decisions and much less drag.

Kalama Performance Barracuda. This one is custom, 8’x19”. Very close to the production 7’8”. I weigh 165lbs. Dave has a lot more going on than just long and skinny. Go with the original if you can.

Did you go custom to retain the 19" width at 8’ on your Barracuda? Any thoughts or recommendations between the 7’10 and 7’8 stock Barracudas for someone new to downwinding? Thanks!

My board is over a year old and yes it’s custom and around 105L. I would not worry about the width, focus on the volume you want. They are not as tippy as you think. I have a new one that is narrower still and feels great. I’ve only tried the 7’8” production Cuda and it felt great. I’m 165lbs.

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I did a longer review of the 150, matched with the Marlin 13" tail. It is sorta long, and I go off at the end about reading bumps and stuff. General musings I guess. Might be helpful, who knows! hahaha


Well done Shep :call_me_hand:
Is the wind about 15ish knots here, hard to tell from the cam angles (also what mast are u using?). The 150 has become my one foil quiver (but w/ 14 Marlin, at 90Kg) 15-50+, pretty much does it all.

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Thanks so much for the reply and the detailed reviews!

this is rad, would be stoked if you could upload at highest resolution and framerate as it is tricky to see the details of what you are talking about at the end, but it was super interesting regardless of that, and pretty peaceful too

I wondered if you have any thoughts about foiling close to the stall speed. Eric mentions it in the intro to this podcast Stream episode 113 - Ryan Arzy by The Progression Project podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Yes, I need to get a new card for the go pro. Glad you like it, I’ll try to put out a better one with better resolution. Of to do a 15 mile run with all 15+ people from Oahu, Kauai and Maui! Good fun.


Probably 15-20 knots. Definitely could have run the 120, but I’m dialing in the 150 for channel crossings this summer. 28” mast, but I have a no limitz version 2 coming and I am very excited. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Just wanted to chime in. I’m new to the SUP DW game but been foiling for 5-6 years. Been DWing for a little over a month. I have to say moving from the lift 200 HA which is what I learned on to the 150 HAX is pretty sweet. Just got the 150 2 days ago and have done 2 runs on it. The 150 has the ability to keep up with the bumps in speed but also the glide and lift it provides makes connecting bumps effortless. It also paddles up similarly to the 200 HA. Haven’t tried the 110HAX but after riding the 150 I bet the 110 is just as sweet but faster.

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Cool thanks!
Very curious about the V2 NL mast, heard July but haven’t checked in a month or so.
I was considering retrofitting an original Axis carbon 86 which is super low drag at 14.5mm (and short chord) but then Foilparts just listed this; PREORDER ONLY, Axis Mast (Carbon or Aluminum) to Lift Wing Adapter (Es – It might be a bit too whippy for the span of the 150 but for $175 it’s a relatively cheap experiment. Should be awesome on the 90HA for winging.

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Maxi, do post if you get a ride on the 110. I may get a demo this week so will report back as well.
I don’t need it but how can you resist a wing that looks like that :joy:


Good for you Maxi…great name BTW. Thank you for turning this back to the 110HAX. My first impressions were that it is crazy fast, but has a lot less control than the 120HA. For me, control and ability to turn is a very important part of a higher average speed. I don’t really care about top speed, in fact lower top and higher average is fine by me. I think that some of the control issues should be solved with a stiffer mast. I am still on the gen one 28" mast, but I have a 720 NoLimitz, gen 2, on order and I can’t wait to try the 110HAX again with the new mast.

Also, I think the 90HA may be easier to lift than the 110HAX. Very limited experience on the 110, but that is my first impression.

110 HAX. I’ve done 2 wing sessions on it. One in flat water and 1 in waves. Open water waves.
Crazy fast, there was some big sets with waves well overhead and never felt restricted by it’s to0 end speed. I find it has a higher stall speed the the 120 and little more twitchy. Only have had 2 sessions on it so still getting it dailed…
Flat water session I couldn’t believe how well the wing tips breached the surface. Couldn’t even notice the tip coming out of the water.
Looking forward to spending more time on it. I see the potential is has for turns and speed in large waves, just need to get my skill there.
I see myself using this mostly for winging in waves.
Would have to be nuclear conditions for me to DW with it. I’m 77kg in freshwater. Usually wearing wetsuit.

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Hey Shep, this thread popped up again on my feed. I Was wondering how the no limitz was treating you? I’m still on an older lift mast and can’t justify the price of a new no limitz or lift v2 mast, is it really that much better?? Iv heard not only is it stiffer but faster too

Guy is selling a lift version of a NoLimitz v 1.5 for $700 78cm.

I really enjoy the NoLimitz masts.

NoLimitz does give me gear now, but I bought the first one and I would definitely buy it again. Especially for the 110HA. The 110HA is not easy to use and it has a lot of flex. I would get a weird bobble/wobble feel as I was taking off before I got the NL v2. (Idk about the version 1.5, im sure it is stiff, but I think the 2.0 is a different foil section and faster.) The stiffness just makes everything feel more sure under your feet. It also reduces the mirco-adjustments, these add to fatigue over long distances. Love it in the surf too. two big thumbs up.