Lift Foils for wing foiling… optimal config

The 32” X2 vs Classic is night and day. The feel on the X2 is more connected/efficient. I say this as a bigger rider, rocking HA wings like the 150HA. Lighter guys rocking smaller wings, or shorter masts, benefits may not be the same.

The 90HA is actually a really different wing to 120HA. I suggest you demo the 90HA over the 120HA. Would be great to hear your take vs the 110HA.

Thanks for the tail commentary too.

Great! I may end up with a 32" X2 as well if No Limitz doesn’t come through in the next few weeks. It’s just a little shorter than I’d like but I could probably get used to anything in the 80-85 range.

Meanwhile, my mast experiment using the Axis V1 86cm carbon on the Lift 110X has gone reasonably well with some caveats. I went back to back yesterday with the 82cm 19mm aluminum but it was survival 40+ conditions so more testing is needed. Sure, the carbon has more flex but it’s no deal breaker. Only really noticeable in small confused 1’ chop. Fast roll changes and pumping are a non issue. A lot of 20+ mph carving on big wave faces.

Switching back to the Alu, I kind of missed the carbon feel (like having shocks instead of riding on the axles). Didn’t notice the weight dif, really only noticed the drag dif on a couple of occasions but again crazy conditions. I think the drag dif is only going to be noticeable in light conditions.

The Foil Parts adapter: Almost perfect fit out of the box. The adapter to fuse connection was perfect, the carbon foot of my mast needed a few brushes with 220 for length but mine had been epoxy fit to an Axis fuse so it was bigger than stock. I used some blue loktite on the M8 mast threads as it’s stainless to stainless. Tef gel on the fuse to adapter bolts but they need to be watched, the front loosened initially but after re-tightening haven’t since.

Thanks for the update!

I rode the 90HA with an extender and 26 carve. I was overpowered on my 5m and switched to my 4m, also overpowered at times.

The setup became a little twitchy at speed, so I’m keen to experiment with the marlin and FP adaptor that you are running and that others have suggested. I am also thinking about a longer mast like the 36” X2.

I will keep an eye out for further comments on 110HA feels🤙

Does anyone know whats going to happen with the 90ha? Are they discontinuing this wing?

Same question here, but no answer yet

the Lift150HAX/33Carve with 32inch X2 mast works really well for long runs (10-20 miles), but the 90HA/32Glide works even better for turning on bumps and reaching close to 30mph speeds

That is mean looking setup. I’m running the 150HA and 90HA with 26X carve (slightly longer fuse than standard carve). I’m keen to experiment with some other tails, perhaps the 25 Glide or one of the newer ones when they drop.