Neil Pryde new old foil

A buddy of mine has a new unused NP Glide large foil he wants to get rid of cheap.
Is this worth picking up to learn prone foiling on?

I tried searching the forum and didn’t find any talk of them.

I learnt on a NSP 1325 and 1700 which are very similar designs, great foils for learning, very thick leading edge which is good for not going too fast so you don’t get scared at your first flights and progression.
The great question is, how cheap?

Surftech | NSP Foil Gear

There’s a point of reference for some gear that’s on sale of NSP which is similar in technology. GullWings are a more modern low aspect learning option, take a look too.
Hope this helps! Have a good one.

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He said make him an offer so I said $200. It comes with the rear wing, fuselage, mast and all mounting hardware.
So from your description it seems like a pretty good option.

There’s an old video of Mike Pedigo riding gofoil and a friend riding that NP wing on YouTube doing a runner. In his channel. I think they switch wings halfway in the run too

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Found it. thank you

Very first generation. But one of the better first generation foils. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. $200 is worth it. $500 is probably the point of diminishing returns.


NP is good. I had the large, medium, and medium slim. Pumping is not great because it’s so thick but great stability and flight for learning.

Medium slim is actually a really fun wing if you can find one cheap to add to your large.

Agree, $200-300 is good price, about that and you should just save up for a new generation setup

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