Progression 140 just arrived! First ride

Anyone here have experience with the Progression 140 vs original Hyper 150? I’m 95kg and recently got a H1 150 second hand and been having too much fun on it. Crazy speed and carves, low stall and most surprisingly i can pump it. Is the 140 significantly better?

Race tail is slower than the 178. I chopped mine to 13.5. It adds low end and might pump slightly better but other than that it is inferior to the 178 in every respect. And I like the Marlin better than the 178.


I chopped the 18" to about 13.5" and winged with it, worked well enough and stall speed has now gone way down. I am a beginner winger so it seems to be good enough for the purpose. Will probably use it for DW until the new tail is launched, or Marlin as that seems to be popular

Super interesting to try the progression 140 against the hyper2 170 (winging), also have a bit of experience on the hyper2 190. Progression is definitely slower but it’s incredibly even in foot pressure through its narrower speed range. Hyper2 170 has more top end, but at top speed it feels like it needs a lot of shim to be pitch stable. They both turn very well. They both breach fine - wouldn’t say one is vastly better than the other, but I probably need more time to tell. The rise onto foil with the 140 is really even and controlled vs the 170 which is more porpoise-y (imagine this is important in prone foiling).

Hyper2 190 is a lot less pitch sensitive than the 170, probably because it doesn’t have the same top end. progression 140 and hyper2 190 are roughly similar speed range to eachother.

The slower stall speed makes the progression a lot easier to pump for me vs the h2 170 (and maybe easier than the 190). The hypers both want to pump at a faster speed than the progression.

Progression is extremely controlled and easy. Hyper2 is fast and skatey - which is also fun but harder to ride. I think these wings are different enough to both be paired in a quiver.

These comparisons are from winging both setups back to back. Zero shim on the progression, settler on 1 degree on the hyper2.


Nice review! Did you change mast placements on the Hyper vs Progression?

I did not. Mast all the way forward on both setups. Was riding the progression today again under a lot of power. It’s amazing how even the foot pressure is. A lot of foils require a lot of front foot under these conditions and even then I can overfoil on drops, but the progression was just super calm and controlled.

The best way I can describe it is the speed range is fairly low on the foil but at the same time the power range is very wide.

Lately I’ve been riding the Prog140 in sup dw, I really like it, super user friendly in good conditions. Kat75cm/medfus/shiv13" 0° and 7’6 x 18
I like how easy it is to get going, I like the glide and the control you get at full speed.
It might not the fastest for this size wing but what I like is the forgiveness, because sometimes when it’s kind of big and messy especially with current, you can easily loose your momentum and your speed. A super fast foil might drop super quick when you make a mistake. For me right now the Prog140 is a good allrounder foil (good dw and everyday surf).
I think next I will try with a -0.5 shim to get even more speed out of it.


Surfed the prog170 yesterday in 2.3ft at 8 seconds at Mike Pedigo’s spot in north florida, which is basically the exact conditions for which it was designed.
Absolute shred fest, 5-8 wave connections in a football field surf zone of slow breaking waves. Pump out back and laid out carves all the way in until the crumble starts then roundhouse time.

Amazing experience using a high-performance tool for it’s intended purpose.


what was your full setup (mast, fuse, tail, shim)? I’m trying to dial in my 170 for the smallest of waves.

83 katana mast, medium fuse, shiv tail with zero shim. it was really good and dialed like that. I should have done a back to back with the other tails, like I have in other conditions, but I was living the dream and just couldn’t stop.