Progression 170 tails and effects

I know this is partially a subjective/feel question, but I’m looking to better understand the effects the different tails in the 13” three pack have with regard to speed efficiency and use case/conditions. I’m 195lbs mostly riding prone and SUP in surf or Wingding. I have watched the video that Cliff at Unifoil and for that matter all of YouTube regarding this and I still can’t get it… seems some foilers are recommending the rear foot tail for small surf and with shims and others are saying the same regarding larger/pushy waves. Can anyone with experience on Uni gear share their thoughts on use of the three pack with regards to conditions. For example what tail would you pare with the 170 med fuse in nipple high crumply point break conditions to achieve best pump? Best turns? Best glide?
Thanks in advance for the insight