Vyper 130/150 vs Progression 125

Just curious if there is any comparisons between the Vyper 130 and Progression 125. Honestly would like to even hear vyper reviews


Coming from a 200lb (91 kg) prone foiler in Southern California. Have had a good amount of time on both with multiple fuse and tail configurations :

The Vyper 130:
It is more like a high performance short board that is super nimble in the pocket of a wave and can do very tight turns in critical sections up to a little over head high surf for my weight. It has a surprising amount of low end lift to pump out of a hole considering it’s size and wingspan (696 or 27.4 inch span). Has a good wide speed range and is stable at speed. Is controllable in wash and turbulence. The trade off to that is it does not have nearly as much glide, pump or efficiency compared to the progression 125. I can still pump the 130 Vyper for multiple waves but connecting more that 2 waves you will be winded. Like to use a tail that is not very wide with a little more chord for even tighter turning and control in those turns. Use medium fuse to help the pump a bit.
When I am feeling spicy and there is a bit more energy/ steeper waves/ or riding not as mushy of a wave I ride the 130.

Progression 125:
Very efficient and effortless foil. Modern foil feeling with very wide speed range. Has the friction-less feel like a lift 120. Can pump out of a hole easier than a lift 120 and Cabrinha h800 The gull-wing shape lends itself to easy turn over into turns. The 898 mm wingspan (35.35 inch) also lends itself to great glide and pumping. Easy to connect multiple waves. Can ride surprisingly small swells especially if the swell is a little longer period on this foil. Still turns well and can go to critical sections of waves especially with short fuse. Trade off with wingspan is that you are not going come out of turns as easy as the Vyper 130. Also not going to take wash and bashing or turn in critical sections as well as Vyper 130. Like to use the progression tails with this foil for increased speed range and efficiency.
This is the new daily driver in quiver and is a jack of all trades foil.


Thank You, very helpful comparison.

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Thanks again! Definitely going to look for a vyper 130. I have been on the vyper 150 for a couple of days now. In juicy 6ft @ 15 seconds, I could barely keep the v150 in the water (even at 200lbs).

I’m afraid the vyper 90 would probably be too difficult to pump at my weight, so the 130 might be a better compromise

To clarify, this is for prone? Not for towing?

Because I hear the Vyper 90 is a SICK tow foil wing.

If you’re towing vyper 90. You don’t need to pump.

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It’s for towing, but our tow spot is unusual. Giant waves roll and disappear for miles, so you occasionally have to pump short distances (10-15 seconds). I’m not sure I could pump the 90 for 15 seconds at my weight

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At speed you can pump any foil. For short distances. Speed I guess is the key. Alex Hayes foiled the vyper 90. If you want to foil like him then ride the 90. If you want to foil like misterbennets then get a super small HA foil. Like the eagle.

The prog 125 is a good foil too. No demo’s around you? See if Josh at the foil shop in seal beach will sell you one, but send you both and let you send one back if you pay shipping. :slight_smile:

A lot of guys rave about the more MA/LA foils like the Lift Surf 100 V2. I’m not convinced higher aspect is good for ripping waves while towing. Yes it handles the speed better and glides more, but HA wings also are twitchy in the turns.

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