Uni p140 vs vyper 150

Going to tow head high waves tomorrow with 14 second period. What wing has more top end between vyper 150 and p140. I have been on both, but not back-to-back …and not sure about top end. Thank you :kissing_heart:

If you want to perform on the wave and you have tow assist. Vyper 150.

Both are on the bigger side though.


@dillionaire where you at? Here in SC this Lee swell has been much tamer than expected (many dissipointed shortboarders!). I’ve had 3 solid days for 14 sec period and its been great(secret location though)

Florida coast. Secret location also :joy::zipper_mouth_face:

Both would be fun! You optimizing for the fastest moments or longer rides…

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Well, for the record… 150 was possible and pretty fun, but the speed was MAXED. Any hard turns or big drops, I would blow up or almost blow up. The spot has deep fast moving waves that are traveling 18-19mph.

I ended up with 1 degree shim on 13.5 progression tail and switched from the medium to long fuse after a few waves

I’ll post some videos in the next couple days

@dillionaire Sounds like a great time! Can you talk a bit about the tuning with Shim and Long vs. Med fuse swap; what were the feels and effects on ride? I have found that when I have more shim there seems to be less forward pitching movement in punchier surf but less glide. Cheers!