UNIFOIL carver stab trimming

Mainly wingder for almost 1,5 years, light rider. I have a 2nd carver on my way as part of a used foil deal (Hyper 190 for mellow days). This will be my first ever cutting of a tail. Any good/bad experience for this specific one you might want to share? Is it full-carbon as stated in the web, so I can saw it down without “repairing” afterwards?
I heard some funny staff in the pod for tuning tails, but not sure anything about the Carver has been said. Thanks and keep charging!

I used to ride the carver, called it the Dow curve. Chopped a couple of them. You can go super small on it because of the thickness in profile. Start with an inch off each tip and if you still have enough stability you could cut a bit more. My smallest carver is about 10 inches. Really depends on feel and ability. You’ll be surprised how much faster your setup feels.

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