F one eagle x, any review?

Somebody has tried the new eagle x and can give a review? How is it compared to the Eagle? And how good will it be for wing and prone?


I’ll let you know next week.

My first impressions (178cm, 70kg) after winging every size from 700 to 1000 and SUP DW every size except the 700. Unfortunately didn’t have the conditions for that yet.

Efficiency, glidewise they are on par with the other new HA 12+ wings like AFS Pure HA 800, ArtPros etc.
The step from Eagle to Eagle X feels almost as high as from Seven Seas to Eagle speaking of pure glide ratio/performance and holding the average speed.

Higher topspeeds, higher take off speeds, higher average speed, less resistance in the water, more efficient pump (less quad burn, fatigue)

Any sort of wave, bump, lumb or patch of moving water will be converted to speed. The X wants to go forward. Quick accelerations like dropping into steep bumps feel smoother, more pitchstable no surging up. Less pumping needed if you can hold the speed high and ride the perfect line. Different line choices for DW compared to the Eagle. The X feels more sensitive to energy in the water in a good way. Like you get more and faster feedback from it. Good wingtip breach recovery. Feels predictable even close to stallspeed.

Really like the longer fuselage and smaller size of the stabs

for more lowend XXS 170, even more highend and drivier turn with the XS 145. Haven’t tried the 700 with the XXS 170 yet, but the other sizes match well with both stabs. 700 and 800 with the XS 145 are a dream to downwing and carve with the wing and SUP. 900 and 1000 are perfect for tiny (almost flat flat) and gutless windswell/chop and feel surprisingly agile for the span of these wings.

Besides the obvious perfomance gain the agile turning behaviour is the most mentionable feature. For such high span wings all sizes feel really playful and agile. Quite unique.

You can tell I really like them, they match the style of DW riding that I do. But they are def. more aimed towards the advanced rider. With SUP DW you need to have your take offs dialed in and your riding be on point. With enough power in your wing or the right size wave should be not to hard at all, but longer and more efficient boards are a good fit.

All comparsions are against the Eagles (890, 990, 1090, 1290 similar spans to the current X sizing) which are not obsolete with the X at all.

Here is a clip of my second DW run with the 800

hope that helps,


Just convinced me to pick up two more sizes :call_me_hand:t3:

Thanks Basti!

Anyone surfing the 700 eagle x? If I have been prone foiling the Eagle 890 and loving the speed. Does the 700 turn about as well as the 890?

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the 700 is quite a bit faster and feels more agile than the 890 in DW conditions (no prone session with it yet). Even the 800 is faster than the 890 feels similar in turn but a different flavour of turn.

We did a DW speed test 800 vs 890 yesterday


How is the take off on the 700 compared to the 890? Does it need much more power from the swell?

I be very interested in any comparisons for how any of the eagle x’s paddle up compared to the eagle’s

Im interested in using it for prone foiling.
So please do a review in waves!

How do you find the low-end compared to the normal Eagle, e.g. has the 1000 eagle x better low-end than the Eagle 990? Is it easier to take off with?