Opinions: No Limitz V2, especially vs new F-One HM 14 Mast?

The takuma no limitz can be adapted to other brands with another adapter. But its so clunky looking I wouldnt even consider it since it basically defeats the purpose of spending that much money on a good mast for it to be draggy

If you get the “3 hole Takuma” NoLimitz. It’s a very sleek mast interface. You can then use a “doodad” to adapt the NoLimitz to other brands mast pockets.

2 companies I know do this. Jim Stringfellow. “Stringy”. He can either make “doodads” or full custom fuses for the brand you like. These are the ones most people know about and some of them such as the f-one for instance are a bit bulky.

Foilparts also makes “doodads” and some of their options are quite sleek and wouldn’t be noticeable.


Only certain brands of adapters for nl v2 are not clunky. Ie. If going from takuma 3-hole to 2-hole you will have an ugly chin that most certainly will create drag and defeat part of the gains you will get with the nl mast. You can see all the fittings on the stringy site. But not all brands have a good fit.

See my post above about non-stringy adapters. The nolimitz v2 is starting to look downright affordable with new mast prices.


Interesting paper. TL;DR: large angle of attack neat the surface results in flow which remains better attached to the top of the foil. The result is higher lift and lower drag and resulting higher lift to drag ratio the closer you get to the surface for a given angle of attack between 17 and 30 degrees. The reason is that the wave forming on top of the foil reattaches the flow. At lower angles of attack the lift to drag ratio decreases close to the surface.

I could see the effect being positive in sharp turns near the surface, but not really when going in a straight line.

Have you tried the foil parts adapter?
Way more streamlined but all the torque is on the 3 6mm bolts as none of the mast enters the fuselage.
Stringfellow has the sleeve, which is the bulk mentioned, for unifoil and takuma2.
So far, no one has mentioned the drag just fears of it.
If I buy it and it sucks or rips I’ll let everyone know

I have not. My days of universal masts are behind me. I ride stuff designed to work together now.

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I was thinking about this the other day while high on the mast in nice rolling swell and just 'tap-in my back foot to stay up there. I was amazed at the connections I was pulling off. Then there’s all that extra potential energy for the first couple of pumps too :call_me_hand: