Pure v2 afs. Has anyone tried it?

SILK 850 on the 132 Stab :slight_smile:
Still gotta work on the closings of the manouvre - but felt good to try to push harder turns and fall! :sweat_smile:

Silky Lines - Surf Foiling (youtube.com)


funny enough that’s exactly what i did yesterday - yet to test it.

Waiting for all this swell in Bali to die down…It’s amazing how foiling makes you wish there weren’t so many waves… I used to live for big swells, now i cant wait till it’s too small to surf.

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No doubt Ulus is dreamy. Those outside swells are a foiler’s wet dream. The surfers were not very impressed though.:rofl:

I had another few waves on the Pure 900 V2 today, in chest high very washy high tide conditions.

Today’s perceptions, given there was a bit more power:
-This wing is made for going really fast. It feels like riding a razor blade, it feels like it has less lift compared to similar sized wings (I assume it is low camber compared to surfier wings like the Silk etc).
-I was able to pump it pretty well given the horribly unstable conditions, and still need more time in better conditions to feel that aspect out properly. It did seem to have a relatively high stall speed but I need to keep testing to verify.
-turning it felt slightly out of control, mostly due to the perceived speed and sensitivity. Definitely prefer turning on the Silk, as one would expect.
-Despite my ‘tuning’ attempts, at certain (higher) speeds it still whistles to the point of being unbearable. I will give tuning another go as per online tuning tutorials. If that doesn’t fix it i’ll talk to AFS to see if they can assist/do something.

I have to say when i switched back to my Silk 850 i was much happier. I still want to figure out the Pure 900, and await better conditions. The run of swell we are having is too much for basic prone surfing…


Your review it’s kinda like what I felt from the PURE 900v1 - it seems the v2 has been taken a step further in specializing for speed. As I’ve mentioned in other forum topics, the PURE is more intended to be the best at WINGING - freestyle/racing/ and I guess a good carver but not super oriented to have the best carving feeling, cause of what you mentioned about speed. Something like that happened to me while carving hard the v1, it felt good and was a really good prone surf foil wing, but the SILK it’s the king in that dimension. Oh, and yes, when going wingin at speed and carving hard, was quite the experience but you had to know what were you doing :grin:

Hope you get to manage the whistle, I’ve had the same issue on the PURE 1100HA - altough not unbearable for me, it seems to be not a good sign for efficiency. But at the same time, trailing edges on these foils are so thin, that must be hard to find that sweet spot of silenced ride.

Thanks for the feedback!

what I guess is the new Pure

No, the 800 HA has been around for a while. AFAIK there was no change in the Pure HA 1100 and 800 when they changed over to the new mast-fuse interface.

The Pure 700 and 900 are lower aspect and underwent a big change (hence v2) when they were just recently updated to the new mast interface.

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Slightly off topic, but since it’s referenced earlier in this post… I just had my first session winging the silk ha40 tail (with silk 1050) and really liked it. It’s a very fast and efficient tail and brings a lot more speed to the setup vs the 152. I didn’t find that it pumped much better, but it pumped differently (faster pump). The maneuverability was still there. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was easier to breach at that span. The speed was worth the trade off for me, but I was winging and I could see a preference for the standard tails for surf. I generally ride the 1050 with the 152 tail but I think I will use the ha40 unless the waves are more powered. I also have a 132 tail coming and it will be interesting to compare.

I could also see using the ha40 with the pure 1100 for DW as it has a lot more maneuverability than the DW tail (165 I think).


I strongly prefer the 132 tail on the 1050 and 850 vs 142 or152. Excited to hear your thoughts as well.

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Give the ha40 a try too. Unlocks a lot of speed for winging.

I would love to try a chopped one but not sacrificing mine (yet).

Are you prone foiling at canggu mainly?

No access to one atm but would definitely give it a crack. Hopefully this summer!

yessir… makes (almost - see ‘too much swell’ issue) every day a great day here!

I have compared the Duotone Aero glide 725 with the Mikes Lab 700 with gates and the AFS 700 Pure v2.

I have been riding the mikes lab and duotone for quite a while so I am probably biased that way.

Having said that, I found the AFS Pure V2 to be the fastest foil. The ML and AFS are very similar in the feeling on the turn in waves. Not really too many differences.

Overall I would probably go for the AFS since I can switch to the swept tail for pumping. I also like being able to shim. Also having the uhm mast means I could put the silk 850 on arguably the best mast on the market (11.8mm and super stiff).

A friend just hit 27 knots on the afs pure 900 so I am excited to see how fast the 700 goes. Having been designed by a leading international moth foil designer I imagine it could go as fast as 30 knots in the right hands. I went 25 knots without trying on a wave session at Daymer Bay.

It was really easy and accessable for beginniers as well but with pro level performance.