What's Your Gear for the Year?

If you could only ride 1 board, 1 foil, 1 wing, what would you ride this year?

Bonus question: What’s one piece of gear you’d like to try?

For me I’m settled in now on:
Cloud IX fs900 with catalyst stab and 80cm mast for the foil.
Sunova Carver 5’10" for the board.
Ocean Rodeo 3m Glide AA for the wing.

I think this kit will have me covered for 15-35 knots pretty comfortably. I haven’t had the chance to ride it in any winds higher than that.

The one piece of gear I’d like to try?
I’d like to try a 77.5cm Cedrus Evolution mast with the Code 770R front and 120R tail. I’ve never ridden a foil with a 13 AR so I’d like to give it a feel.

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Board - Appletree Appleslice v3, 60L
Foil - AFS Silk 850, 85 mast
Wing - OR A Series 5m or Ozone Flux 4.3m (sizing is a hard question since I ride in a very wide wind range, but I feel like these wings both have a lot of range)

For winging I’d like to try the new AFS Fuselink Pure foils.


Good timing. Just picked up at 4’9 48l Omen Flux which will now be my one board quiver for Wing and prone. Great board that gets going really early and at only 19.5 wide it loves to carve hard banking turns.

Primary wing if I could only choose one is my 5.5m F One Strike v3

Goto foil overall is the Unifoil Progression 170. But for Wing I pretty much only ride the P125 anymore so I guess I am cheating here.

I weigh 90kg for reference.


code 860R, kalama 8’ 112L, 4.0 unit
I’d rather a smaller board most of the time, but I can make literally any conditions work on the 8’


Omen Flux 60L.

Omen Operator 1050 foil setup. 87cm mast.

Preferably a new wing, but I’ll suffer on my 2 year old Ensis 5.2M for now.

Gear I’d like to try. New KT foils that aren’t out yet.


Thats true, I had that board and you could ride anything with it.

Prone set-up for the year:

Amos 4’6 Nitro 31L
Lift 150HAX with M2 Mast and 32 Glide Tail

For trying gear: Haven’t started downwinding yet, so a DW board


What’s that Raptor weigh in at? Wish I lived somewhere with more prone opportunities!

Whoops! I was watching a video on the Kruzer and they were discussing the Raptor so must’ve been on my mind. I’m on the Nitro but one from before they changed the stock dims for it, so it’s a little more stretched out than a stock one these days. 7.4 lbs and just the right amount of float for my weight and level. I’m 205 lbs

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70 L Armstrong FG board
HA680 with KD Maui Marlin tail on 795 PM or 935 in big water
4 m OR Glide wing or 3 m XPS

I really liked the Armstrong mid aspect line for winging in waves but the speed, glide, pump and range of the new HA foils is unreal.


Is the forum now 80% winging?


  • it always has been
  • only wingers can still afford new gear
  • wingers need to buy new gear every year anyway

These both very appealing for a test:

For me

  • NL v2 with Axis art pro, back on Axis for dw reasons
  • 2 x DIY dw boards
  • prone = appletree skipper 32L, really great board, hope to get 2 more years at least!
  • wing = old Strike v2 2.5m & 5m, getting older
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I think that’s the biggest one. All the pure prone guys have gone to SUP DW and only hang out on Instagram to brag about how cool they are. Only the wingers still actually enjoy the sport and have the time and money to post about gear on a message board.


Your local market and how savvy you are with chasing deals and selling your gear quickly matters. For what it’s worth, I am currently out of pocket $575 for everything I’ve bought/sold in the last year.

I put 90 sessions on my Barracuda when it was new and sold it for a $150 loss because those were in such huge demand and noone could get gear that year. Now I’m seeing $3000 DW boards getting dumped by people for 1k in like new condition.

So, for me, it’s about getting my hands on new gear for a good price and letting it go quickly while it’s still in demand so I can chase new tech without eating a huge fee.


Im generally the same way. I buy high quality boards and get over 2 years out of them and they still hold resale value (vs poorly constructed boards that soften and fall apart after less than a season). Ive also been fortunate with warranty and had my OR wings replaced, which kept things fresh. My AFS gear was puchased new for full price, but I sold a quiver of a lot of Unifoil stuff which offset a lot of the cost (some of the foils held good value, others had to be dumped). If you buy the right stuff, the resale loss isn’t too tragic.

I also bought an Aluula wing directly from the manufacturer after the AWSI show. They brought gear for the show and didn’t want to bring it all back and sold me a brand new wing for 60% off! Just have to know where to look for the deals and move quickly!


It’s the game we play! It’s also what makes getting good gear valuable to me. You know you can get most of your money back, or you can get at least a great ROI on it if you are watching those details and riding it to the grave.

When a friend messages me and says “hey there’s some ‘shop display’ stuff that’s never been ridden for sale at 50% off.” I pull the trigger pretty fast!

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For what its worth, I’ve never winged.
Long time kiter, was into prone foiling/shore runners when everyone was learning to wing and just never got interested enough to learn.
Picked up the Sup DW thing and that pretty much takes all the wind time, unless there’s decent waves in which id still rather strapless kite than be on a foil.
I imagine there will be summer days where Sup DW isn’t worth it, but winging on the sup is possible, and ill probably break down and learn.

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My now go to gear is

Armstrong 780HA, 180 Speed Tail, 795 performance mast.
Board is tough, but I am loving the Amos Sultan prone board I had built. Its a 5’4” at ± 65 liter.

The above said, I typically prone foil or ride behind the boat. The Sultan board was suppose to crossover as a wing board as well. But I am still learning to wing on a 105 liter board, so it may be a while before that happens.

Only prone, five years since, still only prone but live in HI so always a prone wave every day on one side of the island. Ended up selling my 75 mast so strictly ride a 90cm mast now. Axis wings, go to is the ART 799 but riding the spitfire 840 the last few days as it’s been small and inconsistent between seasons. Board is a 4’6 Amundson super model.


Seems like there are still plenty of prone and DW threads. This question from the OP was posed with wind wing size so that’s how I answered. Different gear used for prone, wake and towing. I like all of the disciplines but still have not unlocked the DW code. It’s hard to give up good wind days to struggle with a paddle so I try to fit in an hour or two here and there


Yeah I didn’t even think about it. Prone is 2-3 hours away and I moved on from downwind sup so I’m just stoking as hard as possible on the wing right now.

Dw sup is still huge here.