What’s new from LIFT in 2024?

Well, I just jumped on an order for a 130 hax! Stoked to give that size a try.

I do need to track down a set of their foil to mast screws. Anyone know a good place to order them and/or exactly what size to order? Thanks!

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If you ordered it through lift’s website I would bet they’d be willing to get you some for a fair price?

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They have always come with the 3 foils I’ve gotten from them…


Good to know! I didn’t ask.

In a pinch you can get m6 x 30mm screws for the mast from any hardware store - its hard to find the same grade of stainless sometimes though.

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Yeah I actually can’t find lifts recommended grade anywhere. I assume 10.9 is correct. I found some blue zinc rated to 120,000 that I’m confident will fit but I also found some stainless rated to 170,000 for $30 a bolt! Just not sure the head size will fit.

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This might help: Hydrofoil Hardware Finder (mackiteboarding.com)

I always just pick up A4 stainless m6 x 30mm from the hardware store when I need to. It is marine grade stainless - I’ve never seen a hint of corrosion. Often has the same brand markings as the hardware that Lift sends.

Lift includes a full set of hardware with all their front wings - so you should be good to go!

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Stoked! I also ordered a pack of those 10.9s since they had the highest strength I could find.

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Hey Dan, sorry I was on Oahu yesterday. I am running the 28" M2 for downwind. I ran NoLimitz before this, also a great mast, but I like the fit on the Lift M2’s better.


Finally had a chance to film and do some very minor edits to my 130 X review. Here it is:

Also, a few more notes. I have been riding the 20 carve and the Florence 21 tail. Both are very good. The 21 is slower than the 20 carve, but only fractionally so. If you keep the foils high in the water, which this tail makes it very easy to do, then it is almost as fast, plus it pumps better and has great drive. If you can keep it high and run the 20 Carve, you will be faster Downwind.

I rode 3 back to back Maliko runs last Friday, and I rode 3 back to back Hawaii Kai runs with it yesterday. I am getting a pretty good feel for it now. Please hit me up with questions. Thanks all, and sorry the video is almost 10 minutes…so much to say :wink:



Did you tried with the KD tails ?

thx I’m setup on the 130x.

Great question Kezia. Wehn the Carve 20 came out, I sorta switched to using that tail full time. I still think the KD tails are amazing, and I feel bad that I have not even got to test the downwind race tails (pretty sure I own ever other KD tail made)! The advantage that the Lift tails have is the connection to the fuse. The top or bottom mount vs the integrated seems to be faster, now that the Lift tails have improved so much. I still miss being able to tune the tails for sure. Maybe getting a more hydrodynamic tail would be the ticket…let me know if you know of a really good one. I have two from Foilparts.com, but both have their drawbacks IMO.


Thanks for the input

You convinced me to order the 21F :wink:
Depending on how I feel with it, i’ll get myself a 20 and extender.

I was on KD 15R with the 110 and 14M with the 150. Both on foil parts long fuse.

Got the 110 and 130 today, but have to return the 130 because it has some damages.
Hopefully I can give this new 110 a try tomorrow but forecast seems a bit light.

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What happened to it?

Wing tips is damaged. I guess because of transportation.

Bummer. Mine too.

Has anyone tested the new DW Lift boards? I’m interested but have only seen one review so far (Great Lakes waterman’s)

Any word on a possible new Lift V3 Surf Series?